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Promoting on platforms

We prepare a attractive and salesy description in 2 languages. On photos we show specific benefits of your apartment. We place all advertisements on 4 platforms.


Communication with guests

We respond promptly to all requests and communicate in 2 languages: Russian and English. Our promptness in responding raises your ads in the ratings.


Shower set

At a 30% rate, we provide sets: soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothbrushes, laundry capsules and slippers in multiples of the number of guests.


Dynamic pricing

Throughout the year and even during the season, tourists come in waves. Therefore, prices need to be constantly adjusted between 5-30% depending on the demand. We take care of the price adjustment. It is important for us not to rent out apartments "cheaply" but at a price above the market!


Photos and videos of the property

For each advertisement, we prepare photo and video shooting in sunny weather. We are also adding instructions on how to find and check into an apartment.


Cleaning and laundry

At a 15% tariff, cleaning is organized by the property owner. At the 30% rate, mavi guest assumes responsibility for cleaning and laundry.


Equipping the apartment with missing items

Towels, bed linen, hairdryer, microwave, kettle, dishes, etc. If the owner is far away, we will help prepare the apartment for rent and purchase everything necessary.


Technical support and minor repairs

All furniture and interiors are affected by wear and tear in the course of use. At a rate of 30%, we take the worry out of any minor repairs and take care of such things as replacing light bulbs, fixing wobbly furniture, repairing door handles, calling in electricians and plumbers.

CEO mavi guest Marina Rogova

Our story:

From 2016 we bought properties in Batumi and rented through local organisations. Every year we were scammed about the cost of renting and repairs. We invested more in repairs than we earned in 5 years from our properties.

I have been hearing the same stories from my acquaintances and clients since 2021. I know from experience how offensive it is to be deceived and to see your flat in a ruined state. This problem has pushed me to take property management into my own hands. Moreover, I did not meet any professional and responsive property management companies in Batumi that were experts in short-term rentals.

As time passed we were asked to manage properties by our friends, then their acquaintances, etc. We started to expand and opened a company called mavi guest. Today our clients know that while they are away, their property is under a safe wing and generates high and transparent profits.

- Marina Rogova, CEO mavi guest

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