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Success story: how to increase the cost of rent in an ordinary area

Meet Miho, a landlord from beautiful Batumi who has turned his modest apartment in an obscure area of the city into a real gem of a daily rental. This story artfully demonstrates how courage and creativity can increase the cost of renting in an ordinary area and attract tourists even in less attractive locations.

Miho inherited the apartment from his parents and decided to try renting it out. However, being out of the city center, the apartment was in little demand and rental income was modest. Miho thought about how to attract more guests and increase the profitability of his property.

As a first step, Miho decided to make changes to the interior and furnishings of the apartment. He realized that guests often want a unique and authentic experience that is different from typical hotels. He decided to create an atmosphere of real Georgian hospitality.

деревенская спальня

In his design, he used national decor elements, added bright national pillows, patterned carpets and table souvenirs. This unique interior attracted the attention of travelers, and the apartment began to stand out from other proposals.

деревенская кухня

The second step was to actively promote the apartment on social media and popular rental platforms such as Airbnb and Miho didn't just post ads, he told fascinating stories about his apartment and neighborhood, shared photos of beautiful Georgian sunsets and nearby attractions. His attention to detail and interesting stories attracted tourists who wanted to see Georgia not from the tourist side, but from the real, local side.

The third important step for Miho was to provide outstanding service. He made sure that his guests feel at home by providing a full range of amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable sleeping quarters and high speed Wi-Fi. In addition, Miho offered free tours of the area and recommendations for the best local cafes and restaurants.

This holistic approach worked!

Miho's apartment has become popular, and the influx of tourists has increased significantly. He received positive feedback from his guests and many of them became regular customers. With increased demand, Miho was able to increase the cost of rent in the regular area and his income increased substantially.

Thus, thanks to a creative approach, a unique interior and quality service, Miho made his modest apartment an attractive accommodation for tourists. His story has become an inspiration for other landlords, showing that successful daily rent is possible even in not the most central areas of the city.


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