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Studio design for daily rentals BEFORE / AFTER

How to create a versatile and attractive design for an unrenovated daily rental studio to attract more bookings?

This video is an example of how for $400 we transformed a studio in Batumi, where the target audience is guests from southern and Muslim countries.

  1. Sewing curtains in dark blue colour + added decorative holders;

  2. Sewing cushions in the same material as the curtains;

  3. Bedside vase with a decorative flower;

  4. Glued 2 vases together to make one tall vase, put a decorative ficus in it;

  5. 4 paintings above the bed;

  6. Framed wallpaper with ceiling skirting board and painted in gold colour;

  7. 2 blue bedspreads, one for the armchair and one for the bed;

  8. Decorative plates on the wall;

  9. Mirror;

  10. Candle holder and candles;

  11. Decorative coasters for bread and goodies;

  12. A golden coloured turba;

  13. Bathroom: dispenser, basket with hygiene products, hooks and shelves.

Studio design for daily rentals


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