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Property marketing and advertising in Georgia

Marketing and advertising play an important role in successful property rental, especially when it comes to sea front apartments in Georgia. If you own an apartment that offers the perfect holiday for a family of three, effective marketing strategies can help you attract more guests and maximise your profitability. In this article, we'll take you step-by-step through the process and suggest some popular websites to promote your accommodation.

marketing plan

Step 1: Develop a unique brand and style

Developing a unique brand and style for your property will help you stand out from the competition. This could include creating a unique logo, interior design or features that make your property unique and memorable to guests. Highlight what makes your property stand out and take an original approach to marketing.

Step 2: Create a compelling listing on Airbnb:

Airbnb is one of the most popular online rental platforms. Sign up for the site and create a detailed listing for your property. Include important details such as number of bedrooms, amenities, location, proximity to the ocean and more. Add high quality photos to attract the attention of potential guests. Remember, the information should be accurate and eye-catching.

5 examples of names for apartments 10 minutes walk from the sea with city views:

  1. "Oasis in the city: cosy apartments with sea view".

  2. "Panoramic sea and city views. 10 minutes walk from the beach

  3. "By the sea: stylish apartments with city views.

  4. "Sea and city views: Ten minutes from the beach"

  5. "The perfect combination: sea and city view apartments

Step 3: Post an advert on is another popular website for booking accommodation. Register as a host and place your advertisement on the site. Include all the important details about your accommodation and provide full information about availability, prices and conditions. has a large user base, which increases your chances of attracting new guests.

Step 4: Use social media to promote your accommodation:

Instagram, Facebook, VK, can be powerful tools to draw attention to your accommodation. Create a professional page for your property and regularly post attractive photos and information about your accommodation. Use hashtags related to tourism and holidays in Georgia to attract your target audience. Get in touch with your subscribers and answer their questions.

Step 5: Work with local travel agents:

Contact local travel agencies that specialise in providing services in Georgia. Offer them cooperation and special offers for their clients. This can be a mutually beneficial partnership that will help you attract more guests.

Step 6: Work with travel bloggers:

Partnering with popular travel bloggers or influencers who write about Georgia will allow you to reach a wide audience of tourists. Bloggers can write reviews of your accommodation, post photos and share their positive experiences, which will help attract new customers.

Use the steps above and popular websites to promote your accommodation. Create an attractive advertisement with complete information and quality photos, actively use social media, work with travel agents and strive to get positive feedback from guests. This will help you attract more guests and ensure high occupancy of your Georgian sea apartments.


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