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Rules for Renting Property in Georgia: Tips and Recommendations

Renting property in Georgia is an attractive and promising option for owners who want to generate a stable income. However, in order to successfully rent out property and avoid unpleasant situations, it is important to know the rules and follow recommendations. In this article, we will share useful tips and recommendations for renting property in Georgia that will help owners achieve success and minimize risks.

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Step 1: Registering the Property on

The first step before renting out property is to register it with the relevant authorities. In Georgia, it is necessary to register the property with the tax service and obtain a unique identification number (ID code). This is a mandatory requirement that ensures the legality and transparency of renting out property.

Step 2: Presenting the Property in High Quality:

To attract potential guests, it is important to present the property in the best possible light. Develop an appealing listing with a description of the main features and amenities, and include high-quality photos and videos. Show guests that your property is the best choice for comfortable living. The key is not to exaggerate or deceive guests' expectations, as it can lead to a lot of negative feedback..

Step 3: Establishing a Competitive Price:

Research the rental market in the area where your property is located and determine a competitive price. Take into account factors such as size, location, amenities, and seasonality. Remember that a moderate and competitive price will help attract more guests and ensure high occupancy. During holidays, rental prices can be higher, so it is recommended to increase the rental cost by 10-20% during those periods.

Step 4: Ensuring Impeccable Cleanliness:

Cleanliness and maintenance of the property are key to successful renting. Provide guests with impeccable cleanliness and comfort. Regularly clean the property, replace bed linen and towels. Pay attention to details such as washing windows and eliminating unpleasant odors. The average cost of apartment cleaning in Georgia is approximately $30 for a one-bedroom apartment and may vary depending on the size and condition of the property.

Step 5: Ensuring Security:

Ensure the security of your property and guests by:

  • Insuring the property.

  • Installing reliable locks on doors and windows.

  • Installing surveillance cameras or using IP camera security systems.

  • Ensuring access to emergency numbers such as police, fire department, and ambulance.

  • Familiarizing yourself with the rules and regulations regarding safety and fire safety in your area.

Step 6: Marketing and Promotion:

Do not forget about marketing and promoting your property. Advertise on popular tourist platforms (,, and on social media. Create an attractive website or blog where you can share information about your property and attract more guests.

Step 7: Reviews and Feedback:

Reviews and ratings play an important role in attracting guests. Encourage your guests to leave reviews about their stay. Respond to comments and address negative reviews constructively. This will help improve your reputation and build trust with potential guests.

Renting property in Georgia can be a profitable and satisfying experience if you follow the rules and recommendations. Register your property, offer quality services, and professionally manage the property. With these tips and recommendations, you will be able to attract more guests, ensure high occupancy, and generate a stable income from renting property in Georgia. If you are located far away, consider finding a professional property management company that can take responsibility for all the mentioned tasks. We have discussed how to choose a property management company in this article.


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